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There are learnings that require us to be together and to see each other closely.

Where we can have formal moments (in the room) and informal moments (coffee, lunch, activities...).

It's time to turn OFF your devices and turn ON your relationships.

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Face to face Offline

What does Coocrea bring you?

We design engagement experiences based on a powerful storytelling and a deep pedagogical base that allow the message to be understandable, the interpretation to be appropriate, the right concussions to be elaborated and learning for change to be generated.

Ask us for a Online Face to face whenever you want to...

  • To work on team cohesion, skills related to personal development or to design and generate strategies that have an impact on the entire organization.
  • To ensure that the people in your company share time and space in an effective, attractive and motivating way.

It is your solution if you want to design learning sessions where participants share the same physical space and interact with each other.

Do not choose Offline training if...

...You are short on time.

Organizing and delivering classroom training is an art.

...You have a lot of geographical dispersion.

The environment and your budget will thank you for it.

We tell you things

Working every day with dozens of companies of all sizes and profiles gives us a unique perspective of the environment. And since we love sharing, we tell you about it on Linkedin: videos, infographics and selected content. Enjoy!

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