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Simple courses, without fuss, prepared to receive the content that you have previously worked on and translate it into screens already predesigned by us.

If you want, we add locution, let it not be said.

Digital learning solutions


What does Coocrea bring you?

Efficient, fast and made with care. Instead on focusing on storytelling we focus on virtualizing your content in an effective (and pedagogical, of course) way.

Ask us for a Template whenever you want to...

  • Do online training with tight deadlines and/or budgets.
  • Virtualize a document about a product or process or face-to-face training and integrate it as eLearning in a platform.
  • Transform a document into a more attractive and traceable element.

It is your solution if you need a simple course, with an agile development and based on a documentation that you already have worked on.

Don't choose Template if...

We have to work thoroughly with your documentation

It is essential that your content is prepared beforehand.

You need an original storytelling.

If we want to be agile and direct, we have to let go of complex plots.

You want custom designed screens.

The template is the template.

You want it to be mobile first.

It is multi-device, but it is optimized for PC.

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