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The first day in a company is always a complicated time for everyone. New tasks, new colleagues, new place to have breakfast, new passwords...

Why not generate a process to make people feel welcome from the very first moment?

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What does Coocrea offer you?

We help you design a process which starts from the values and culture and is based on an attractive storytelling. We cover from the first contact of the future employee with the company until the end of the immersion.

Ask us for Onboarding whenever you want...

  • Consolidate the corporate culture.
  • Accompany the employee and build loyalty.
  • Attract talent. Reduce the time it takes for a new employee to become fully operational.
  • Turn employees into fans.

This is your solution if you want everyone who starts working in your company to feel part of it and feel your culture as their own.

Don't choose Onboarding if...

You never hire anyone.

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