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Learn to draw with Coocrea. But not a still life, not a landscape, not even a portrait.

Something much more important: the map of your organization's mindset.

If before you thought you knew the people you worked with, after going through this solution there will be no secret for you.

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Mindset Check

What does Coocrea + From the Mindset bring to you?

We partner with the powerful tools of From the Mindset to help you analyze the results of our two pre-designed tests: Resistance Test (TS) and Speed of Change Test (TVC). Once analyzed, we design with you the strategies to take action on the results.

Ask us for Mindset Check whenever you want...

  • Promote business changes that require upskilling or reskilling.
  • Make site changes that affect the way of working or negatively affect people.
  • Change tools or ways of working.
  • Control environments of great uncertainty that need prevention and risk management plans and very fast responses.

It is your solution if you want to face relevant change processes and prepare your teams for moments of uncertainty or upcoming change.

Don't choose Mindset Check if...

...You have a very small staff, which allows for more qualitative or individualized diagnostics.

We tell you things

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